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  • Melissa Tierney

Love & Social Networking in the time of COVID19

If you’ve been laid off and/or are unexpectedly out of work due to this crisis, I see you… I hear & feel you! [Heck, I’m still grieving the mass layoff from toast.] It is known that getting through the first 30 days of any new process, especially an unexpected one is always the hardest. So kudos to all of us hanging in there. While I can’t offer you a job, I can offer you ways to support each other with love, and social networking, to build each other up and help manifest that next chapter, whatever it may be. So stay consistent, and stay hungry because it will come.

Below I offer 5 things you can do, that will also help you in finding your next job.

  1. FULLY update your LI Profile. Remember that LI is NOT simply “an online resume”. (There’s a reason why we “connect” with people here instead of “add friend”.this is a platform to be socially connecting with people on. There’s a HUGE percentage of recruiters these days that use LinkedIN for their recruiting. Make sure that your job preferences have EVERYTHING checked. I could go on for pages and pages about how to make an effective LinkedIn profile that stands out, but that’s another blog post in the works. (Laugh Out Loud).

  2. We will get through this by building each other up. Endorse one another. And if you didn’t get the memo, please endorse Sara as the Gif Master. Don’t stop there - write recommendations. Think of a time when you saw someone handle a situation with class, humor, grace, or ….. Something else. Exemplify their qualities with your recommendations. When I wrote Adrienne’s recommendation, I remembered how countless times something would come up in a meeting and she was already prepared to handle it with an extra stash of sass that came to the rescue. It’s not just paper and ink skills, it’s about mindfulness in the workplace, emotional intelligence in the profession, and topping it off with a cherry of cheer.

  3. BE SOCIAL. I can’t stress this enough. When people write a post that resonates with you, comment on it. Don’t just give it a ‘thumbs up’. When you comment with something intelligent, people notice that {first name, last name, + catchy headline| commented something. #GetFound Another reason to comment and #BeSocial - unlike Facebook, whose algorithm is designed to keep brands in hiding, LinkedIn’s algorithms will show your activity in your connection’s news feeds. Think of it this way: As part of LinkedIn’s mission to provide economic opportunity for the entire global workforce, one of their main focuses is to keep people “in touch”, so your social activity here goes a longer distance.

  4. Build your Network! Reach out to recruiters. Ask them what they’re seeing in this space. Which leads me to my next point...

  5. Educate - part of toast layoff we all have access to LinkedIn Learning. Check your email, the email goes to John-Jacob. (LOL) How fortunate we are, that in this time we can still “amp” our skills. There are many certifications and online courses available NOW that were not there when we were in college. one can obtain that will instantly qualify you for a better opportunity. For example! If you are bi-lingual, you can become an Analytic Linguist through TST’s new, accredited training, something like this can put on the Certifications section below We also have access to LinkedIn Learning, take advantage of it, and earn some badges for your profile!

I challenge you to use InMail to reach out to a recruiter that is hiring for your dream job, and use their feedback to fuel your path to qualifying for said job, and get certified or add a new skill.

Don’t let fear hold you back in putting yourself out there - if something doesn’t work the way you want, analyze what happened, and re-adjust!

And even though this may feel like it’ll last forever, remember that true love always prevails in the end. Keep the faith because, our Creator always finds a way to get us connected with our “perfect match”. And in this case, it won’t take 50 years, as it did for Florentino. #Always

Connect with me on LinkedIn!

Cheers ✌️

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