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Being positioned for online business success is more than SEO and buzzwords: It's about being 100% Digital, providing the best value, and being visible to the right people.

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What some people have said about working with Melissa Tierney

"Melissa's experience in web marketing (including social media) and person to person selling skills are a rare combination that allowed her to succeed in a very competitive market place. Her exuberant personality allowed her to capture the attention of those she was addressing and along with her ability to help her clients understand the benefits of the services/products helped increase our business."

-John R.

"The skies just parted on how the internet works, and what I needed to do to get my business up and thriving. Melissa knows her craft extremely well and was able to convey that to us and help us come up with an entirely new marketing plan that we still use to this day!

-Michelle C.

Melissa's knowledge of how the internet works to drive traffic, and build a business online is unparalleled. She built us a solid digital marketing plan that includes content and partnership marketing (things I never knew were necessary) and our business is just thriving with clients. Thank you!

- Geoffrey M
Founder/Managing Partner

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A step-by-step guide for the dedicated entrepreneur who is ready to convert the "hustle" into a "bustle" of new customers!